GSC and Giant Eagle to headline EPA GreenChill webinar

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Peter Cooke, Program Manager, Grocery Stewardship Certification and Katie Flynn, Energy Manager, Giant Eagle will be presenting on the EPA’s GreenChill webinar series on Tuesday, November 15.

They will discuss the benefits of operational sustainability to grocery stores, how the Grocery Stewardship Certification program works for food retailers and provide 7 easy ways to save money and resources through operational sustainability (through strategies such as managing refrigerant).

gianteagle-svgGreenChill is an EPA partnership with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change. Learn more about GreenChill’s mission and goals.

To join the webinar:


  1. Go to
  2. Select “Enter as a Guest”. It is important that you select the option to enter as a guest.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Click “Enter Room”.
  5. Click “OK”.


For audio:


  1. Call the toll free call-in number: 1-866-299-3188 (706-758-1822 from outside the U.S.)
  2. Use Conference Code: 202 343 9185#

For more information about GreenChill:


Twitter: @EPAgreenchill


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