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Want to know the latest news about the Grocery Stewardship Certification program and what other grocery stores are doing about sustainability?

We love to share the latest news from our grocery stores who received the Grocery Stewardship Certification and what our program is up to.  We also love to talk about best practices for grocery stores on topics like energy efficiency, LED lighting, refrigeration, and more.  For information about the latest on sustainable grocery stores and how they are reducing waste, improving their operating efficiency and saving money, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

Celebrating Earth Day 2019!

Today is Earth Day! As you know, grocery stores are energy and resource intensive to operate. That means that there are lots of opportunities to reduce what you use…

April 22, 2019Energy efficiency product display waste management

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  • We’re proud of the news coverage that we get from the media about the Grocery Stewardship Certification program and the retailers enrolled. Check out our recent GSC press clips for a better understanding of the program and the recognition it delivers to participating food retailers!


  • Need to know more about the benefits of being a GSC certified grocery store?  Download our More on the GSC one-page pdf. for a quick, printable overview of the Grocery Stewardship Certification program.


  • Making the business case for sustainability is important.  Our one-pager will help you make the case to your company leadership and colleagues. Download Making the Business Case now!