ShopRite “goes green”-er

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Ribbon cutting at the ShopRite of Livingston

Ribbon cutting at the ShopRite of Livingston

ShopRite of Greater Morristown and ShopRite of Livingston are taking their sustainability commitment to the next level this month in honor of Earth Day.   Earlier this month, both stores unveiled new waste and recycling systems that leverage technology to act like smart trash cans. The solar powered trash and recycling system, also known as a “Bigbelly” unit, is expected to reduce trashbag use in the stores by 2,000 bags annually.

The Bigbelly uses CLEAN management software to control a solar-powered, compacting trash and recycling system.  The special unit has a dashboard that provides the store with real-time information regarding the fullness status of each smart station, recycling diversion rates, equipment health, and more.  Associates can use that information to determine the best time to empty the units and avoid overflow during busy times in the store. This allows associates to spend more time keeping the store clean and safe, while preventing trash overflows and reducing litter!

The addition of the Bigbelly units is just one of the many things that ShopRite store Green Teams are doing to increase recycling and sustainability efforts at store level. The “Food Rescue” program is a store initiative that was developed in an effort to reduce food waste and fight hunger in our local communities by donating more fresh food to food pantries.  The program, run through Community FoodBank of New Jersey, matches local food pantries with the stores to pick up perishable items such as bakery, meat, and produce multiple times each week.